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Where Monsters Dwell

There once was a time when Monsters ruled the world...

They would dwell on each thought, allowing it to fester and grow stronger, until they were suddenly overcome by the monster that once was but a little thought. And so these monsters grew stronger and became nastier, to the point that they would capture the body and soul in which they dwelled, filling each person with doubts, self animosity and especially a need to identify ones self in comparison to others.

Those that saw the monsters for what they really were, were often taunted, shunned or even killed. Those enlightened by the truth would cry out ‘forgive them, for they know not what they do.’ Those captured by their monsters laughed and continued to rid the world of those that opposed their correct way of life. Others followed the teachings of those who had awakened, and their monsters were weakened by faith in those who brought truth. But their monsters only lay dormant for a short while, for after some time their monsters awoke and the truth of the messages were lost. Again, they became confused and overcome by fear. Their monsters sought to control their fate, all the while claiming their faith remained. But, their ability to allow the Truth to enter their lives became tainted by their monsters preference to understand and search for its own truth.

Most were not aware of what monsters dwelled within and so believed all they wanted was to discover the Truth. They did their best to search for the Truth but they never succeeded because they never realized that the doorway to the Truth was hidden deep within them. Monsters alone never had the capacity to fully understand Truth, for they dwelled within the mind, and the mind alone cannot understand Truth. But their monsters persisted. They believed that if they just tried harder, they would be able to find and understand their purpose. They never realized that their minds were only a small tool in the greater functioning of the Truth.

The Monsters, feeling insecure, tried to come up with their own answers. They came up with theories and opinions. Opinions that they protected and fought for with their lives. Slowly these ideas consumed humans and they lost their way over time. They defined evolution in terms of economic growth and scientific advancement. They created words like capitalism and socialism, then they picked sides and created structures and laws that bound them to these ideas. Their ideas turned into power struggles between one another, and soon they became so obsessed with protecting their ideas, that they claimed anyone who thought otherwise were enemies. Fear gripped the world. Yet they justified their actions by claiming it to be their god given right. And though this was true, their lives were tainted by their monsters. Their societies became more and more complex, developing and evolving to the point that it was a struggle to sustain oneself unless they participated in the complex structures their monsters had created to maintain control of their Fate.

They did not realize that it was their monsters that preferred to believe that they were superior to others. They believed that since they had the capacity to think and perceive beyond the natural state of survival, they were superior to other species. They preferred not to believe that all life was equal and purposeful. Although they had already discovered that everything was made of the same source, they ignored this Truth and focused instead on their differences. Rather than consider all were equally intended to fulfill Life’s purpose, they believed their complex nature made them superior to the rest, and that Life had more important intentions for them. This, however, was just another tactic their monsters used to maintain power.

Humans became restless and sought other means to fill the void their monsters had created. Corrupted by thoughts of WANT, humans succumbed to their monsters fears and desires. They continued to pursue their own ways. Concerned rather with making their monsters feel as comfortable as possible, they used their capacity to think to enhance their lifestyles rather than consider the impact their monsters had in the world they lived.

Fearing they could never become God themselves, their monsters focused on competing against one another rather than working together to enable the evolution of Life. This left Fate with no choice but to allow the monsters to kill themselves.

Written by Lori Fast

Copyright 2014

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