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The Owl of Lady Lorelie

The lady stood above the world and looked out at the history of mankind...

The earth was splattered red with blood that had been spilled over Man's desire for power. In their freedom, man turned on one another and began taking control over others freedoms. Fear began to take hold of peoples hearts and darkness flooded over the lands.

Different types of leaders emerged and began molding the people into their version of what they believe the World could look like. The Lady saw masses of people marching behind their rulers, believing with full hearts that their cause & belief was righteous.

The lady watched as sheep followed the Wolves to battle, only to be devoured and their bodies used to build Empires. And as the world revolved upon its axis, person after person took their turn leading the masses and spreading their perspectives across the earth.

Saddened the Lady stepped up to the Creator.

“Let it be my turn to lead the people of earth and I will show them how to live in harmony with your abundance.”

The creator smiled upon the Lady and replied.

“Everyone of those leaders you see came to me, just as you have, and said the same thing.”

The creator brought forth Hilter who stood next to Alexander the Great, Napoleon, Genghis khan and Joan of Arc. Then Jesus, Buddha, and Nelson Mandela stepped forward and ALL stood before the Creator in equality.

“What makes you think you will be any different than each of these beings who have taken their turn to lead the children of earth?”

Shocked the Lady stood back.

“Your intentions may be pure, but the illusions of Gia, can turn anyone into something that doesn’t necessarily represent the Truth of who I am and why I have created you.”

The creator showed a vision of the Earth changing different shades of blue as the Lady took her place ruling the people.

"Blue is but one color of the Rainbow. It alone does not represent the whole spectrum of colors that I have created for the Earth.

“If you wish to help mankind, then remind each and every person of their freedom.

Teach them of their sovereignty and that I have gifted each and every one of you with divine right to choose freely for yourself. You are free to choose whether you follow a leader, become a leader or sacrifice your life to a belief or a cause. I have made the earth bountiful and with enough space for all to live freely and by their own choices. "

Humbled, the Lady nodded in understanding.

“Then I shall lead by example.”

The Creator smiled.

“And so I shall gift you with the wisdom to see through the shadow lands of illusion and the patience to withstand the length of time it will take to free every person from their own treachery.”

Out of the darkness an owl appeared to the Lady. It’s eyes peered into hers and she saw the whole Universe within her heart.

And so, together they began a long journey on earth. To teach the people of their sovereignty and how to release themselves from the chains of their own beliefs.

Written by Lori Fast

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