The Sacred Tree

Updated: Apr 14, 2020

There came a time when the Great Spirit grew tired. Having worked very hard on its Creation, the Great Spirit wished to rest for a while - to be in All Its Glory and appreciate everything It had created. And so the Great Spirit, wise in all Its knowing, placed a Sacred Tree hidden within its Creation. Then the Great Spirit summoned one of its closest Allies and spoke. "Will you guard my Sacred Tree while I rest? Let no one approach that cannot meet me in my state of being." The Ally nodded and transformed itself into the ground around the tree. It moved the earth, creating a mountain around the Sacred Tree so that its branches could stretch into the heavens and Its roots grow deep into the earth. Then the earth moved once more, creating a cave that led to the Sacred Tree. All those who wished to approach the Great Spirit could enter through here. But first one had to pass the most ancient of spirits that guarded the entrance. Over time, the Children of the Great Spirit forgot their pure state of being. Consumed with shadows and fear they sought answers to their suffering; And so they began to seek out the Great Spirit to ask for answers. In the search for the Great Spirit, word began to spread that a great tree grew inside a mountain. Should they find this tree, surely they would find the Great Spirit resting there. But all those who approached the cave of the mountain were quickly frighten away. One after another ran away in fear, each claiming they had seen the most horrifying thing. Some claimed they had been met by a shadowy beast. Others spoke of a giant snake, a Great bear or a dark figure that haunted their dreams when they neared the cave. "There is a terrible spirit guarding this cave." they agreed. "We must kill it so that we may enter the mountain and reunite with the Great Spirit." No matter their efforts, the spirit could not be chased away nor killed. No one could pass.