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Chapter 1: The Land of Lady Lorelie

Updated: Jun 16

And so the story goes...

There lived a curious little fox who had a best friend named Blue.

They lived in the forest and their favourite thing to do was explore. They would run through meadows chasing butterflies. Jump over rocks and climb the tallest trees.

One day, Blue and Foxy were laying on a hill overlooking the valley. They looked up at the Sun and began to wonder...

And so, they walked through the meadow contemplating whether they were brave enough to explore further than they'd ever gone before...

That's when they noticed flowers growing in an interesting pattern.

Blue flew over the patch of flowers and noticed they were pointing in the direction of the river.

"I wonder what's over there?"

Curious, they followed the river until they came across a lady sifting through rocks on the rivers edge.

Foxy and Blue introduced themselves.

Foxy and Blue looked closer at the rocks and noticed lots of interesting shapes.

"That one looks like a gorilla." the lady giggled
"Look, these rocks are stacked on top of one another.... " noticed Blue

Next she introduced herself...

Foxy and Blue could barely understand what she meant!

"Creator of this Story?"
That seemed crazy.

The lady responded as though she already knew what they were thinking.

"So... We're characters in a story."

But then they began to wonder, if they were in a storybook then what was outside of this storybook.

"Can we get out of the storybook?" Foxy asked

So Foxy and Blue went dashing off to follow the signs. They ran in the direction of the arrow and found a big tree.

The Lady sat down beneath the tree and looked out at the horizon.

"It's beautiful here isn't it?" she said

But Foxy and Blue were too busy looking for more signs to notice the view

The Lady smile and insisted they come sit down a while.

So Foxy and Blue sat down next to the lady and looked out at the view.

"If we change the way we look at things, what we're looking at changes." the lady explained

Foxy and blue didn't really know what she meant, so they began to looking around in a different way.

That's when...

Foxy and Blue noticed something peculiar about the tree trunk right in front of their noses...

Foxy reached up and touched what appeared to be a door handle in the trunk of the tree. Much to their suprise the door opened easily and they both peeked in.

It was completely dark. Except for a little light flickering in the distance.

Foxy and Blue felt uncertain but also curious... They'd never been the inside of a tree like this before. They wanted to explore more but suddenly realized the Lady Lorelie wasn't right behind them.

Foxy and Blue were excited.

Foxy and Blue twirled in delight.

"Come...' the Lady invited them with a smile 'I'll show you around."

The lady showed them her pencil. It was bright yellow and shimmered in the darkness.

"This is my magic pencil. I use it to create all the stories I tell."

Then she began to draw...

And so... What should Foxy and Blue do?

  1. Turn around and go back to their lovely little land and see what else they can explore

  2. Open a door and explore another storybook

  3. Meet a new character

  4. Help them write their own story

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Written and Illustrated by Lori Fast

Copyright 2024

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