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Winter Wonderland

Once upon a time, in the winter wonderland of Winnipeg, there lived a beautiful women. She loved the earth so dearly that she wished to offer the planet a gift. She folded her hands in prayer and smiled.

"Love and Harmony" she whispered.

The wind heard her prayer and set forth to every corner of the earth to spread her wish.

And when the Lady Lorelie saw her friend, she smiled for she had heard the whispers of the wind and saw the beauty of her friends spirit.

"Come" the lady said "let me give you wings and crown your head, for your love is pure like the white of snow and your prayer like a ribbon that floats through the land."

May all who see you be blessed by your smile.

Written by

Lori Fast


"White Henna" does not stain your skin, it is simply white paint with an adhesive added so that the paste will stick to your skin. It does not last very long, hours verses days. It's great for photoshoots, special occasions or simply because you'd like to try something different.

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